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Edit: I took a 1st unedited take of a #walkaway video here

I live in LA. I’m doing a walkaway video to spread truth to help humanity.

The authoritarian Chinese Communist Party have Joe Biden’s son a $1.5B fund management deal worth 10s of millions of dollars per year and can squeeze Joe at any time with information on him and his, well, crime family.

I don’t have an agenda besides helping US and humanity. That’s my agenda. I want to explain my position on a complete world view well at least once in video because it’s more effective than posting separate ideas in bits and pieces. Entire expansive world views require a comprehensive presentation

Im Jewish. Born is Israel. Came to USA as a child. Travelled and saw life in over 70 countries.

My walkaway path was over a decade long. Perhaps it started from my confrontations against anti Semitic, in my world travels over the last 14 years. I came across openly anti Semitic cultures in Argentina. Across Europe, with few exceptions, many are openly anti Semitic. I was used to dedending Israel both in-line and in person. In Germany someone in business didn’t know I was Jewish and started to criticize israel. I wasn’t keen on a low information German spread false accusation, so I spoke up. About 90% of my grandparents families died in the Holocaust. Fewer than 10 survived from a family of perhaps 100. A couple went to USA. A couple went to Israel. My grandmother escaped in 1933 in her youth, and managed to bring her then boyfriend my grandfather with her before the British closed immigration to refugees at the Arabs behest. A quick history summary is needed: During the Holocaust, FDR wouldn’t let Jewish refugees into the USA (and wouldn’t lift finger to make a single bomb run on the train tracks to the concentration camps). Jews tried to escape to Palestine. The British colony called Palestine existed all of 30 years from end of WW1 when the Ottoman Empire lost control of what they called Transjordan, till 1948 when the UN decided to partition the land. The Mufti Muslim Arab leader in Palestine was anti Semitic. He met with Hitler on how he can help kill all the Jews. Jews had been living in Israel for 3000 years, but many were returning from Europe and the Middle East where they were also prosecuted and had their lands stolen (never returned). The Jews moved forward. They irrigated the Israeli empty deserts and reformed the swamps. Before long, many more Arabs came to Israel to find farm work. But that’s another topic.

Anyhow. I’ve been around. I’ve also been around many states in the USA and found it the least racist place I’ve been.

In 2016 I started hearing that Trump is supposedly anti Semitic. I thought that was strange, having never heard that before, and from his Jewish daughter and grandchildren but I looked further. I saw he was strongly in favor of Israel. I know many USA Jews are liberals and tend to be critical of Israel at least under Bibi. I also know about Pallywold, hamas, misinfo from Bernie lefty Jews …

And: Why black men coming out for Trump?

Democrat party history slaves kkk civil rights southern strategy D Clinton swept south Tim Scott

Hitler FDR JFK

Clinton Biden crime bill

Trump black employment prison reform

Private prisons

School choice, $15k per student avg

Trump anti war, bring jobs home.. Left used to be for that

Covid relief $18t 2x Obama stimulus

ACB hearings.. “Sexual preference” changed in dictionary

Dems get msm protection

Lying Steve Scully NeverTrumper for debate committee

Tech censorship

Biden emails, but not anonymous “losers and suckers”

Hunter Biden $50k+ Ukraine Burisma quid pro quo on video, emails fb twitter ban $15B China fund management

Trump hard on Russia, sanctions, hard on other nations, put USA nato $400B Germans don’t like paying.

Russia and China want USA to not do fracking and be energy producer independence, fracking reduces c02 faster than EU in paris

CO2 climate $1.5T NASA data 97%

Pollution $150B clean 30% of ocean

WHO YouTube China “Taiwan” no masks no transmission now no lockdown many died skipping checkups for cancer, self harm

Covid number cdc 6% 200k hospitals 20% incentive died with, coughing

Why are so many Leftist positions wrong? Post-modernism, deconstruction, anti language, anti logic, anti science, wrong assumptions on economics, peace thru strength, underdogism

Left lives in a more insulated bubble, wall to wall MSM, media, hollywood, big cities, bureaucracies there, universities, professional intellectuals state defenders, from the priesthood & church in Latin

Anti science then, anti science now. Men birthing babies, masks, co2 religion of blaming climate changes on humans, older than the biblical flood stories, and witch burning.

More points in an older pretty comprehensive sett of notes I wrote over a year ago:

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