Make Orwell Fiction Again — Common Sense that D-Left left

To prevent a more Orwellian world, we must speak up to say:

  1. It’s Orwellian to call the war against CO2 (plant food) as “Green Energy”. CO2 makes the Earth green
  2. It’s Orwellian to say “listen to the scientists”, while airing the rants of uneducated children on climate change, without any room for debate
  3. It’s Orwellian to say “follow the science”, but refuse to debate the science of CO2 led warming, as if it’s a sensitive, political religion — which it is
  4. It’s Orwellian to say Green Energy prevents Middle East wars, when it causes them
  5. It’s Orwellian to say oil-scientists can be corrupted over $billion industries, but assume government funded scientists can’t, post #ClimateGate, when $1.5 Trillion is siphoned globally every year to the war-on-CO2 alone
  6. It’s Orwellian to spend $1.5 trillion/year on non-science, instead of cleaning the oceans 1000 times over, for less, for real environmentalism
  7. It’s Orwellian to talk of corruption, but avoid this elephant in the room
  8. It’s Orwellian to say “follow the science”, but refuse to actually discuss the misuse of science, such as the fact that climate change *causes* CO2 change, and not the other way around, as evidenced by this CalTech study of oceanic CO2 sequestration. Cold water sucks up CO2, and warm water release CO2.
  9. It’s Orwellian to say “listen to the scientists”, but ignore any when they speak up against climate cult, even when stated by otherwise celebrated scientists.
  10. It’s Orwellian to refer to the CO2 cult as science, when it: A) relies on (manufactured) consensus, which is a tool in politics, not science B) shuts down debate in a holy war against man’s “sin”, with a narrative older than the biblical flood story, the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Aztecs heart sacrifices to the sun, and the burning of witches over bad weather
  11. It’s Orwellian to praise Dr Fauci over Covid, when he paid $7M, via the NIH, to create Covid in Wuhan, despite a ban on Gain of Function (GoF) research in 2014. GoF makes bat corona viruses cross to humans “for research”. There are bank records, documents, 100% genetic matches in gene DB. The evidence is overwhelming. Counter arguments are weak.
  12. It’s Orwellian to force wearing masks, especially outdoors, even when vaccinated, even after anyone can already get the vaccine, while claiming the vaccine is so important, that anyone that doesn’t get it is an F tard
  13. It’s Orwellian to say children 15 and under, and even infants, should get the vaccine, despite there being no danger to infants or their vaccinated family members, while there may be long term dangers in vaccinating
  14. It’s Orwellian to listen to Bill Gates dictate on TV when society can open back up again. Clearly, society can do so when everyone on Earth is taking his vaccines every year. It’s Orwellian to call this a conspiracy theory, when Gates explains this himself
  15. It’s Orwellian for the Left to attack billionaires while ignoring the Gates funded WEF #Event201 — a public *dress rehearsal* for *a novel corona virus outbreak* practiced in Oct 2019, planned just months before the outbreak, and still pretend to be concerned over public health
  16. It’s Orwellian for Bernie Sanders to attack the “millionaires and billionaires”, & then remove “millionaires” when capitalism makes him one
  17. It’s Orwellian for BLM to focus on 14 unarmed blacks killed by police (some in violent confrontations), when 8000+ blacks died in black-on-black violence
  18. It’s Orwellian for BLM to ignore that more black babies are killed in abortion than are born alive
  19. It’s Orwellian to say “my body, my choice”, when crushing the skull of a baby that happens to be inside another person, but not for wearing masks
  20. It’s Orwellian to ban AR15 when knives & feet kill over 5x more people
  21. It’s Orwellian for BLM to call for the destruction of nuclear families, when fatherlessness rates so strongly correlate to the loss of black lives in crime
  22. It’s Orwellian for BLM founders to proudly claim Marxist training, while buying multiple homes with the funds donated to a cause
  23. It’s Orwellian to say Communism helps people, when over 100 years and dozens of deadly experiments over 5 continents brutally killed over 100M
  24. It’s Orwellian to think LBJ’s “Great Society” act helped blacks, when it shot fatherless rate up, as it married single mothers to the state, in return for increased financial support. D government could instead support all people, by income and number of children, without applying racism
  25. It’s Orwellian to promote anti-racism, while promoting racial quotas
  26. It’s Orwellian to say D party is for blacks, when it was for slavery, Jim Crow, and anti civil rights, and Joe Biden campaigned with a KKK leader
  27. It’s Orwellian to say the parties “switched”, when fewer than 1% of politicians switched, and Bill Clinton still swept much of the South in 1996
  28. It’s Orwellian to promote victimization mentality and dependence on government for prosperity, when success coaches teach the opposite
  29. It’s Orwellian to say that it’s racist to require voter IDs, when IDs are needed for dozens of basic life tasks: open a bank account, apply for food stamps, etc.
  30. It’s Orwellian to imply blacks aren’t capable of obtaining IDs, while claiming to not be racist, and while blacks already have IDs
  31. It’s Orwellian to say voting with IDs, through the mail, is secure, when bipartisan commissions in 2005, concluded they aren’t
  32. It’s Orwellian to say illegals aren’t able to vote, when ballots mailed and harvested, without the need of IDs
  33. It’s Orwellian to say judges can’t (but politicians can), be incentivized or strong armed into results that the MSM-industrial-complex pressures them into, while applying in this very pressure on TV & social media
  34. It’s Orwellian to say illegal immigrants voting D isn’t why D’s want them to keep coming
  35. It’s Orwellian to say walls don’t work, while saying they’re racist for keeping out brown people
  36. It’s Orwellian to say that cameras and drones are sufficient for border control, to simply monitor crossings, but not do anything about them
  37. It’s Orwellian to say it’s racist to keep out brown people, when skilled people are welcome to immigrate legally
  38. It’s Orwellian for Bernie Sanders to say in 2013 that Open Borders is an evil Koch Brothers idea, to increase cheap labor and drive down prices, and then switch to be for it in 2015 when D party aligns with big business
  39. It’s Orwellian to praise China over Covid, when their numbers can’t be verified, and when the Communist China Party (CCP) let Covid spread via travel globally, but not internally.
  40. It’s Orwellian to praise the CCP for lifting a billion people out of abject poverty when it was the CCP who put them there to begin with, killing 50M in the process from starvation and political mass murder
  41. It’s Orwellian to ignore the benefits of the anti-communist containment strategy in e.g. S Korea, vis-a-vis the horrors of N Korea, while ignoring that it was the Democrat CCP-aligned left that prevented a quicker successful end to the Vietnam war, that would have prevented the CCP backed communist massacre in Cambodia of nearly 1/4 the population.
  42. It’s Orwellian to compare slavery in the USA over 150 years ago, over which the US fought a bloody civil war to end, to the evils happening in China, such as the organ harvesting and genocide of millions of Falon Gong Buddhists and Uighur Muslims
  43. It’s Orwellian to advocate for gay and women’s rights over private enterprise decisions regarding the baking of wedding cakes. while failing to speak against Islamic fundamentalist killing & stoning gays and women
  44. It’s Orwellian to divide and conquer people against each other along endless intersectional identities, while chanting unity
  45. It’s Orwellian to feign advocacy for women’s rights, while forcing women’s sports to accept biological males, where statistics is proving the obvious
  46. It’s Orwellian to *force* speech, against women, that overturns 1000s of years of the most basic language and words such as “mother”, in favor of “birthing people”, because fewer than 0.3% of the population *might* prefer another word.
  47. It’s Orwellian to pretend to “follow” the science, while ignoring basic biology of which any 4 year old is aware
  48. It’s Orwellian to say you’re for better education, especially for blacks and other minorities, while preventing school vouchers and charter schools, whereby free enterprise competition has proven vastly better results
  49. It’s Orwellian for BLM to push “defund the police” when 80% of blacks want the same or more police, since they’re almost 1000x more likely to die from crime than by a police officer, while unarmed
  50. It’s Orwellian for AntiFa to pretend to fight for the people and against the establishment by burning down the people’s cities, but avoiding actual centers of power, like the CIA, FBI, & MSM headquarters
  51. It’s Orwellian for the Left to say it’s for holding people accountable, is accepting of people, and is for black & gay rights, when they ignore mobs of white AntiFa terrorists attacking black & gay minorities that hold counter cultural views different than their own — views advocate personal responsibility to hold ones’ self accountable
  52. It’s Orwellian to call the Left “progressive”, when they’re open to return to earlier times of racial segregation, Shariah Law, fascist rule — corporatist alliance with government, a time before women’s only sports, and the list goes on
  53. It’s Orwellian to call Leftist’s “liberal”, because from deadly lockdowns, which spiked suicides and self-harm, to vaccine and mask mandates, to enforced speech codes, to regulation of virtually ever aspect of lie, they’re anything BUT liberal

We could go on for many more topics.

In short, while the right also has its fallacies, it appears to be less self contradictory across so many areas in such blatant ways, these days.

The author puts forth that the reason for such widespread backwards notions across so many areas is lodged in D Left’s assumptions. When one commits to erroneous assumptions, virtually all other results tend to be backwards, when faced against correct assumptions.

Make Orwell Fiction Again. Be brave. Or, at least, be cognizant.