Global Cooling in the 1970s to Global Warming — the $1.5 trillion climate industry

Climate change is real. Global *COOLING* hysteria headlined the 1970s as record heat from the 1930s fell. CO2 was higher in the 1970s than in the 1930s, so why did temperate drop? Another question: Venus & Mars have over 95% CO2 (2000x higher than Earth), but 1 is cold 1 is hot. Why?

Scientists studying the sun’s cycles & changing distances from planetary orbits say these factors drive climate change (*1). Remember the temperature changes of the seasons? How about night and day?. But that’s different, you say? Read on:

CO2 was 20x higher on Earth in the Cambrian Era, when life blossomed (including calcifying animals like corals and lobsters). Earth has greened over 25% since 1982 due to higher CO2, since CO2 is essential to plants and life.

In Earth’s longer history on the billions-of-years scale, large CO2 changes have little or no correlation to large temperature changes. In more recent history, in the last 400k years, small atmospheric CO2 changes do not lead, but rather follow, temperature changes. This is because cold water pulls and traps CO2 out of the atmosphere, and warm water releases CO2 into the atmosphere. But still, isn’t CO2 a greenhouse gas, you ask. CO2 isn’t nearly as effective as a greenhouse gas as water vapor. When fact-checking this article, be weary of sites such as “skepticalscience”, as it’s run by discredited scientists such as John Cook. You can find data for these points in my expanded article linked below. Read on:

NASA, NOAA & IPCC have changed the 1930s temperature data downwards. This isn’t disputed. What’s disputed is that they did it to make the present appear warmer. Scientists who are funded to study AGW — human caused global warming, or any climate change these days — lose their government funding if they don’t show positive results.

Climate change is a $1.5 trillion per year industry now. It’s almost 1/2 of the entire oil industry,. There are huge financial incentives to keep it going. We could instead clean up the oceans 100 times over with that money. That’s real environmentalism.

The Kyoto Protocol & Paris Accords apparently did nothing to slow CO2. This is largely because these don’t limit adversaries of the USA like China, which pollutes the most, by exempting them from debilitating their economies with CO2 limits.

Meanwhile, USA’s CO2 emission has fallen faster than Europe and China, and has been in decline for 15 years since at least 2005, due in no small part to fracking, which gives the USA energy independence, and is a blow to USA’s adversaries.

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