If CO2 causes warming, why did heat from the 1930s fall in the 1970s, against rising CO2? Read the Executive Summary below

Executive Summary

If data doesn’t match your models, your theory is wrong, despite what $trillions per year scams would like you to believe about “Green Energy”. Green Energy is an intentional misnomer, since higher CO2 means more plant food, which greened the Earth 25% since 1982 (*A4).

Israeli astrophysicist Nir Shaviv, for…

Trump vs Biden on their records and characters


I’ll prove to you that it was the media’s portrayal and focus, out to destroy Trump, that made you have a negative view of him, and a positive view of Biden. If you voted for Biden based on character, he isn’t…

Ancient climate-doom fear-mongering, blaming humans in Flood stories from China to Mesopotamia, continues today via herd-led junk science: data and model bias, and “science by consensus” — ie, not science. From Aztec human sacrifices, to witch-hunting, till modern today, human shaming and climate fear-mongering lives on.

The story of human…

Gary Bernstein

CoTrader CEO & Founder

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